Head of Portfolio Management

Quentin is Head of Portfolio Management at 6M, a Luxembourg-based registered AIFM focusing on virtual assets and private equity strategies. Passionate about the potential of virtual assets and decentralized finance to transform the financial services industry, Quentin is playing a key role in the deployment of investment strategy of the funds under management.

Quentin is graduate of an MBA in International Trade from Texas A&M International University and a Master of Science in International Business from Montpellier Business School. He speaks French, English and German. Additionally, he has earned certifications in Cryptocurrency from MIT and Portfolio Management from the New York Institute of Finance.

Before joining 6M, Quentin started his career with various international experiences in USA and Germany. Quentin spent more than 10 years of experience in audit activities dedicated to investment funds in all asset classes and insurance sectors as well as knowledge in UCITS, MiFID and AIFMD. Quentin has undergone many experiences in project management of diverse fields and is a réviseur d’entreprises en entreprise

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