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4K NFT Marketplace Goes Live
4k is a blockchain-based marketplace focused on luxury goods. The company is looking to solve issues related to the authenticity of physical goods.
Blockchain.com posted $1.5 billion in revenue this year
The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) frequently issued warnings to people against virtual financial transactions in recent years.
Can Smart Contracts exist without Blockchain?
Smart contracts can be used to transfer goods and assets, The blockchain initiates transfers based on criterias established by the Blockchain. A smart contract is a computer software executing contractual agreements between two parties in an irreversible manner.
DeFi Total Value locked reached $236 Billion
Over the previous several months, firms like WonderFi Technologies, have solidified their place in the growing decentralized financial industry.
Key players in Crypto set to purchase the U.S constitution
A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a computer-controlled organization that offers a community with automatic governance rules. A DAO is built on computer code, and its working principles are open to the public. It is not governed by any government.
Make it Disappear - Sponsored by the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
Together, digital freight matching companies can solve the challenge of Phantom Data. Here's how.
Save the oceans with Lunu and the TBA21 Academy
Berlin-based company Lunu Solutions is dedicated to closing the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world. It’s also passionate about social responsibility and the transformative power of technology, art and science – particularly when it comes to helping the environment.
PoS vs. PoW :Can Blockchain go green ?
Some Individuals and corporations can be reluctant to use the blockchain technology for ecological reasons. This point is reasonable, noting a high amount of energy needed to process transactions on the blockchain.
Solving Real World Problems with Blockchain
Blockchain is a practical technology intended to solve real-world problems. In this new article, learn all about practical uses for blockchain across many different industries!
Taxation of Digital Assets: How Public Policy can define the Future of Blockchain
Our new administration in France has chosen to tax capital gains uniformly, ensuring that everyone pays the same rate regardless of their income throughout the fiscal year.
NFT Companies: Will Paris Become The Next NFT Capital?
In this article, learn all about Blockchain NFT startups, largely contributing to this new ecosystem.
Are NFTs the future of music and sport events ticketing?

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