CEO of Tether & CTO of Bitfinex

Paolo Ardoino serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tether, the Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex as well as the Co-founder of Keet and Chief Strategy Officer of Holepunch. Paolo seemed destined to fill this role from his earliest interaction with computers, quickly becoming obsessed with hardware, networks, and cryptography.

After his graduation from Genoa’s Computer Science University in 2008, Paolo started working as a researcher for a military project focused on high availability, self-recovering networks, and cryptography. Throughout this role, Paolo refined his knowledge of distributed systems and experimented extensively with cryptography.

Interested in finance, Paolo began developing financial related applications in 2010 and founded his first startup as CTO in late 2013. Backed by two financing investment rounds, his company developed a comprehensive, cloud-based financial application for advisors, fund managers & institutions, and served numerous small and medium sized companies throughout London, Milan and Lugano.

Paolo eventually joined Bitfinex as Senior Software Developer in 2014, tasked with trading engine development, platform scalability and high-availability. Later in 2016, Paolo transitioned to the role of CTO during which time he further refined his genuine passion for distributed systems, high-performance computing, and extreme-resilient platforms. As CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo’s role is to manage the development team, evaluate new technologies, design and develop the Bitfinex backend platform. In addition to this, Paolo also serves as Lead Backend Developer and Lead Matching Engine Developer at Bitfinex.

Paolo assumed the role of CTO for Tether in 2017. As the CTO of Tether, Paolo was responsible for overseeing the development and dissemination of technology for external customers, vendors, and other clients to help improve and increase business. In his capacity as CTO, he has been instrumental in establishing Tether as a pioneer for financial freedom and innovation. disrupting the legacy financial system by offering a more modern approach to money. In October 2023, Paolo took the helm at Tether as its Chief Executive Officer.

In 2022, Paolo co-founded a fully encrypted video calling application called Keet (https://keet.io), a free video calling app utilizing peer-to-peer connections to facilitate real-time audio/video calls, text chat and file sharing. Founded to unlock global communications and empower freedom of speech, the goal was to allow users to be in control of their own data and combat censorship around the world. As the CSO, Paolo, exploits the technology infrastructure of the Lightning Network to power the platform..

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