President of Blockchain Association of Ukraine

Chobanian's leadership was crucial during the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, where he initiated the
Crypto Fund "Aid for Ukraine," raising over $75 million for Ukraine's Armed Forces and managing state
cryptocurrency wallets.
In 2022, Chobanian brought his expertise to the US Senate Committee, discussing cryptocurrencies'
impact in the conflict against Russia. He has also been involved in legislative developments,
contributing to amendments in the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) framework to enhance
cryptocurrency regulation.
Michael Chobanian, founder of KUNA, stands as a significant figure in cryptocurrency and global
finance. He distinguished himself by founding the KUNA Bitcoin Agency in 2014, the first of its kind
in Eastern Europe.
He went on to establish KUNA.io, Ukraine's inaugural public crypto asset exchange. Recognized by
Forbes for his contributions to Ukraine's crypto industry, Chobanian also serves as the president of the
Blockchain Association of Ukraine, where he has overseen notable growth and innovation. Additionally,
he played a pivotal role in introducing the Blockchain HUB at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
In 2023, Chobanian expanded his portfolio with the launch of KUNA Pay, a platform tailored for
business-oriented cryptocurrency transactions. This venture reflects his ongoing efforts to blend
cryptocurrency with wider financial and banking strategies.

Under his guidance, KUNA and KUNA Pay have emerged as providers of sophisticated financial
services to a broad spectrum of clients, including governments and high-net-worth individuals,
integrating innovative crypto-based solutions into traditional banking practices.
Chobanian's academic achievements include an EMBA from London Business School, the
University of Hong Kong, and Columbia University, and a Bachelor's degree in economics from the
City University of London.
Forbes has recognized KUNA as a Top 20 Fintech Startup, a testament to Chobanian's successful
integration of alternative financial solutions in the blockchain ecosystem. The platform is committed
to providing financial autonomy and innovative solutions to its clients.
In addition to his achievements, Chobanian is the president of the Lugano Business Forum, further
demonstrating his leadership in the finance sector. His role in the crypto-banking industry
continues to drive significant advancements in this rapidly evolving field.

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