CTO of Lightspark

Kevin Hurley is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Lightspark. Lightspark is building core infrastructure on the Lightning Network. During his last role Kevin spent 8.5 years at Meta/Facebook. His work spanned the payments ecosystem.  After helping start Diem, Kevin Hurley most recently served as the overall tech lead for both Meta Payments as well as Novi/Diem. On the more traditional side of payments, he designed and built Messenger p2p payments, Meta's non-merchant of record payment engine, an extensive financial instrument tokenization engine and WhatsApp payments. In the crypto/blockchain world, Kevin currently serves as a maintainer on the Diem project and designed and built much of the internals of Novi and Diem - including the overall system design, mempool, client-facing interfaces, state synchronization, and much more.  Prior to Meta, Kevin worked on embedded software at Harris.

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