Director of Strategy & Ecosystem Development at Casper Association

Alizee Carli is the Director of Strategy & Ecosystem Development at Casper Association, leveraging her expertise in blockchain, decentralized apps (dapps), business strategy, analytics, and development to tackle tough problems. With seven years of experience as a senior energy transition consultant and business advisor at McKinsey, she has worked with over 250 energy clients across Europe, Middle East and Africa on net zero emissions, decarbonizing assets, operations and new-business opportunities. Her exceptional leadership, business acumen and passion for blockchain have led her to win the Gluck Knowledge & Capability Awards 2021. Alizee contributed to the WEF's Sustainability Coalition white paper : Guidelines for Improving Blockchain’s Environmental, Social and Economic Impact in April 2023. Alizee holds an M.S.in Administrative Studies from Boston University and a Master's degree in Management from Audencia, majoring in Innovation & Technology and Financial Economics, respectively.

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