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Marguerite is an investor at Ledger Cathay Fund, a $100M fund that invests in web3 companies across the globe, at Seed and Series A stage. Ticket size is between $500k and $5M.Prior to joining the fund in September 2022, Marguerite spent 4 years at Berlin-based VC firms Headline and Cherry Ventures, investing in early-stage startups in Germany, France and the UK. Before that, she worked as a digital transformation consultant at Founders Intelligence, where she advised CEOs and CDOs on their innovation strategies, including the likes of Fannie Mae, L’Oréal and Unilever.She also served as independent Board member for Artefact, a publicly listed French company specialized in consulting for digital transformation and digital marketing.Marguerite has gained notable expertise in Web3, which she developed while working as a professional photographer and starting an NFT collection, immediately before joining Cathay Innovation. She received a BA in International Studies from King’s College London and a MSc in International Business & Management (CEMS) from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).

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