Jean- Marie

CEO and Co-Founder of CoinShares

Jean-Marie Mognetti is the CEO and Co-founder of CoinShares, the leading European investment company specialising in digital assets. Jean-Marie holds a Master's in Mathematical Trading and Finance from Sir John Cass Business School. Jean-Marie Mognetti is a seasoned commodity trader, having developed advanced expertise in areas such as quantitative analysis, risk management, and alpha generation. His skills extend to managing trading programs focused on macroeconomic commodities, notably cryptocurrencies. Since 2014, he has been recognised as a leading expert in the digital asset sector. Before co-founding CoinShares, a pivotal player in the cryptocurrency industry, Jean-Marie Mognetti served as a quantitative trader at Hermes Commodities Fund Managers. His role there was instrumental in establishing and implementing trading strategies based on rigorous quantitative risk management approaches.

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