At the moment Fernando main focus is on Relayz where he is the CEO and co-founder. Relayz provides decentralized Hyper-Secure Communications for Web3 with Quantum Resistant End-to-End Encryption and Decentralized Identity (DID). The architecture is designed to facilitate the growth and adoption of the ecosystem, as well as provide critical infrastructure to the project over time. Therefore, as project or business decisions change e.g. critical infrastructure nodes begins to be provided by users, they will get rewarded in a structure that ensures they are motivated to maintain network integrity, quality and reliability. Fernando has been in the crypto/blockchain/web3 space for over a decade now and is a well know person that is often invited as a speaker to conferences around the world with fellow experts such as the Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger and artists such as Sacha Jafri. Fernando was previously a Co-founder & CTO of Naoris, a distributed cybersecurity ecosystem that re-engineers the way cybersecurity is thought about and delivered. A serial innovator with a track record of delivering profit-driven technology innovation and solutions. Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Data are Fernando's passion for many years, he is always experimenting with new technologies and is an early adopter as well. Early adopter of technologies such as Cloud, AI and Big Data with distributed computation, helped Google and Microsoft with his own teams to shape a few of these giants technologies and solving some of the big problems they had, resulting on products and services that are being used by millions of users. Fernando is also a technology advisor/board member of several start-ups. Previously a senior executive and board member of well-known corporations.

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