Founder and Director

Dynamic and visionary businesswoman at the cutting edge of Finance, AI, Blockchain and Web 3 technologies. Stefania brings over a decade of expertise in equity markets, finance and crypto.  Angel investor and sought-after advisor, she has played pivotal roles in leading blockchain and tech projects and provided strategic guidance to diverse private and listed companies across the fintech sectors.She is the founder of the PR and Investor Relations award winning agency Cassiopeia and the creator of the influential podcast FinancialFox. Recognized as one of the UK's foremost crypto evangelists and advocate for a proactive regulation towards digital assets, she is an exceptional networker, founder of the UK fintech forum Crypto Circle, and featured as a top 10 female influencer in Web 3 by Yahoo Finance in 2022.Stefania's contributions to the industry extend beyond her advisory work and investments. She is a board member of the London-listed Ondo Insurtech, the first UK-listed Insurtech company.

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