Ph.D. Global Head WEB 3 & Metaverse Services RR Donnelley

Dr. Rolando Zubiran Global Head of WEB 3 & Metaverse Services RR Donnelley Rolando Zubiran is an expert in exponential technologies and has been immersed in high performing ecosystems for the most part of his life. Innovation and emerging technologies specialist with 15 years of professional experience in both government and enterprise, specializing in Entrepreneurship, Economic Development and Economic Policy, Rolando is a Deep Tech Investor and a WEB 3 & Blockchain Business Ideation Consultant. His professional experience has revolved within the entire entrepreneurship and corporate ecosystem, now focused as an impact investor and scale-up consultant, particularly in developing economies. He is an Emerging Tech and Innovation advisor to several multinational corporations and high performing organisations Active member of MENSA International´s High IQ Society, He has been awarded multiple distinctions from several organizations including the Star Partner Award by the United States Department of Commerce. He is a certified Skipper and a Karate JKA Black Belt. MBA from University of Oxford Singularity University EP in Emerging Technologies Master of Economics and Public Administration from the London School of Economics Master in Public Affairs from Sciences Po, Paris PhD in Public Policy from the Graduate School of Public Policy of Monterrey Tec ITESM. Pro-Bono he chairs the MIT Sloan Management Review Mexico Professor of Digital Business and Entrepreneurship – ISDI Mexico Professor of Public Entrepreneurship, Blockchain and Decentralization – Monterrey Institute of Technology Iberoamerican Commission for Human Rights – Commissioner Former Minister of Economic Development of Nuevo Leon Mexico Former Director General – National Institute of Entrepreneurship Mexico -Strategic Sectors & Regional Development

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