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Save the oceans with Lunu and the TBA21 Academy

Save the oceans with Lunu and the TBA21 Academy

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Berlin-based company Lunu Solutions is dedicated to closing the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world. It’s also passionate about social responsibility and the transformative power of technology, art and science – particularly when it comes to helping the environment.
That’s why the company has partnered with the TBA21 Academy – a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the ocean through art and to engendering creative solutions to its most pressing issues – to bring these two passions together.

Lunu is supporting the Academy’s Venice exhibition by enabling the world’s first crypto donations in a cultural sector. The project – called Oceans in Transformation – explores the impact of human activity on the world’s oceans through a series of complex and dynamic compositions. Based on data collected from satellites, floating buoys, GPS, artificial intelligence, sonar scans, and climate models of the interactions between sea, sky, and land, these compositions illustrate the global damage that is being done.

Through its state-of-the-art Lunu Mobile Terminal or online using the Lunu Widget, Lunu is empowering visitors to easily make donations in the cryptocurrency of their choice. This unique initiative in the cultural sector is supporting the Academy’s vision of a healthy ocean and its efforts to highlight the negative impact of human activities such as dumping and pollution.

The transaction only takes a few seconds and all crypto donations are automatically paid out to the Academy in Euros. There are no high exchange fees or complicated processes. Just a seamless and efficient way of bringing cryptocurrencies into the real world – while saving the oceans at the same time!

Click here to read more about the exhibition and make an online crypto donation to this very worthwhile cause using Lunu Pay. It’s vital that we address the urgent and vast transformations that the seas are undergoing, and your donation can help achieve that goal.

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