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Can Smart Contracts exist without Blockchain?

Can Smart Contracts exist without Blockchain?

Smart contracts can be used to transfer goods and assets, The blockchain initiates transfers based on criterias established by the Blockchain. A smart contract is a computer software executing contractual agreements between two parties in an irreversible manner.

Unlike a conventional contract, the execution of a smart contract is not contingent parties willingness to collaborate, or the capacity of a legal body to carry out the contract: it is indeed guaranteed by a blockchain. These transactions inherit from the blockchain's unique characteristics. Smart contracts may be deemed self-executing since no human involvement is needed in the process of verifying the requirements for execution.

How do Smarts Contracts work?

Smart contracts can be written in several different programming languages. They can be seen by anybody on the blockchain, allowing for more transparency. Should stakeholders be interested in the smart contract, they may take a look at the code, the contract's state, and how it finally operates. Each node in the network keeps a copy of the smart contracts in use, as well as the blockchain where they are registered, and finally the transactions that were completed. In general, the payment of a fee to run the blockchain is required for the execution of a smart contract.

Smart contracts can also be considered as a dematerialized version of a regular contract. The contract's rules and validation requirements are all stored on the blockchain. Such contracts can be secured thanks to the fact that they are stored on a blockchain. No data can be altered or deleted, even by the author. The smart contract streamlines transactions between two parties who may or may not know each other, allowing for scalability. It ensures that the terms are not falsified and that each party fulfils its duties.

Smart Contracts cannot function without Blockchain

Smart contracts cannot work without blockchain technology, as blokchain’s unique features allows contracts to be conducted and executed without a third party. There is no other current technology that would allow smart contracts to take place at scale, without blockchain. When preset circumstances are satisfied and validated, a network of computers conducts the operations When the transaction is complete, the blockchain is updated. Because each provision of a contract is encrypted in smart contracts, there is no danger of misinterpretation. All parties involved may test the agreement with an endless number of variables to see what will happen in each case, making the process fair and transparent. They are recorded in an encrypted manner on a shared blockchain so that parties may execute them independently. As a result, there is no need to enlist the help of a third party to complete transactions. Smart contracts also have the added benefit of being secure on the blockchain. No one can fabricate them, unlike traditional contracts.

In truth, there may be methods to alter the data on the blockchain but doing so would imply controlling more than half of the network's power. This is however quite unlikely. On the network, a smart contract will operate automatically. Afterwards, a deal can be arranged between two parties.; thus, we can be certain that both sides agreed to specific terms, due to the blockchain’s openness and immutability.


In conclusion, Smart Contracts are one of the blockchain’s main features. They are easy to use for any type of transfer, and have gained popularity from cryptocurrencies. The smart contract premise is straightforward: a financial transaction is made between two parties at a certain point in time, but it will only be fully effective if pre-determined requirements are met in the future. The transaction is activated when, or if the requirements are satisfied, without the interaction of the parties involved and in compliance with the original data.

Gain access to recurrent updates to help you develop an understanding of the blockchain technology in a practical setting! Should you be interested in NFTs, be sure to check out the Paris NFT Day, and our article on the Metaverse!

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Gain access to recurrent updates to help you develop an understanding of the blockchain technology in a practical setting! Should you be interested in NFTs, be sure to check out the Paris NFT Day, and our article on the Metaverse!

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