Unveiling the Future: Join us at the Corporate Breakfast – Paris Blockchain Week. Explore the shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, where blockchain reshapes the internet's destiny.


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8:30 AM:
Welcome and Introduction–

Start your day inspired and informed.

8:45 AM:
Breakfast and Fireside Chat–

Fuel up and gain insights from industry leaders on Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 transition.

9:30 AM:
Interactive Q&A–

Engage directly with speakers for a dynamic session.

9:45 AM:
Blockchain Solutions Showcase–

Discover innovative blockchain applications.

10:15 AM:

Engage the conversation with your peers in one of the most iconic parisian place.


Explore the evolution from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

Web 2.0 Decoded:
Uncover the potential within Web 2.0’s framework, setting the stage for evolutionary leaps into the digital future.
Web 3.0 Unleashed:
Discover the innovations of Web 3.0, where blockchain and decentralization empower users like never before.
Case Studies in Action:
See real-world transitions to Web 3.0 across industries, showcasing practical, transformative applications.

exceptional setting

Discover unparalleled elegance at Ritz Paris, the quintessential setting. Nestled in the heart of the city, this iconic venue offers an unmatched backdrop for high-level networking and discourse in the realms of Web 2.0 and blockchain

YOur Journey

Technological Evolution and Networking:

Dive into the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, uncovering the potential of emerging tech like blockchain and decentralization. Connect with innovators, unlocking opportunities for valuable collaborations and partnerships.

Real-World Insights and Brand Elevation:

Gain practical knowledge from real-world case studies, learning strategies that drive business breakthroughs. Elevate your brand by showcasing your innovations asserting your position as a leader in tech adoption and industry trends.

Strategic Innovation and Engagement:

Explore innovative strategies in marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty programs, ensuring your business stays at the forefront of industry evolution. Discover new approaches to connect with your audience and enhance your brand’s impact.

Competitive Intelligence and Market Trends:

Stay ahead in your field with insights into market trends and competitor analysis. Use this intelligence for strategic planning, giving your business a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

WHY SPONSOR the event?

Showcase Your Solution to Decision-Makers:

Elevate your brand among top executives and potential clients with targeted exposure.

Elevate Your Brand
as a Leader:

Sponsorship at this prestigious eventpositions your brand as a leader and innovator in the blockchain industry.

Forge Valuable Client Connections:

Connect meaningfully with potential clients in an intimate breakfast setting, setting your brand apart from the usual industry events.


Gain insights into market needs and trends by engaging with attendees, guiding your product development and marketing strategies.

Elevate Your

Gain Credibility and Trust at the Exclusive Web3 Breakfast in Style!

Cultivate Valuable

Spark meaningful conversations that open doors to strategic partnerships, expanding the influence and effectiveness of your blockchain solution
Target Decision-Makers:

Position your solution at the forefront of industry leaders and key decision-makers, ensuring high-impact brand visibility.

Innovator Spotlight:

Elevate your status as a market innovator by sponsoring this elite event, aligning your brand with cutting-edge blockchain trends.

Client Engagement:

Forge deep connections with potential clients in a setting that transcends traditional industry events, setting your brand apart.

Market Intelligence:

Acquire valuable insights directly from the market, informing your product development and marketing initiatives with real-time data.

Trust Builder:

Strengthen credibility and trust among an exclusive audience, showcasing your brand's commitment to leading the Web3 revolution.

Alliance Opportunities:

Initiate impactful dialogues leading to strategic alliances, amplifying your solution’s reach and collaborative potential in the blockchain space.



Provide members with unparalleled opportunities for professional networking and collaboration at exclusive events.


Elevate your brand's prestige by associating with the esteemed Ritz Paris event, a symbol of commitment to excellence.


Deepen understanding of Web 3.0 and blockchain, fostering professional growth and maintaining cutting-edge knowledge.


Increase your organization's visibility, facilitating corporate engagement and opening doors to new partnerships and opportunities.


Shape the digital transformation discourse and amplify your influence in both the business and academic spheres through active participation.
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