CEO at Tokenproof

Fonz is a 35 year old serial entrepreneur based in Austin, TX and originally from Mexico City. He is the founder and CEO of tokenproof, an identity and safe token-gating solution in the web3 space. Fonz spent 12 years in the oil and gas industry, bootstrapping an inventory control software startup that eventually sold to a public oilfield services company. Fonz later joined as co-founder and CEO of MagnaCerta, a startup dedicated to tamper-proof health credentials. While this venture ended, the underlying tech helped start tokenproof.In early 2021, Fonz discovered NFTs and noticed that users were losing their valuable NFTs to scammers. He realized the need for a solution that allowed users to prove ownership of their NFTs without connecting their wallet. Thus, tokenproof was born, providing safe token-gating technology, both online and in the real world. Tokenproof was used for access control and ticketing at over 75 events around NFTNYC 2022, rapidly gaining traction as a household name in the NFT space.

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